May B Entertainment
Based in Bellevue, Washington

Founding date:
April 17, 2020


Press / Business contact:

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May B Entertainment is a solo developer building a new survivors-like dungeon crawler where you play as a vengeful booger.


Brian May (not the famous one from Queen) started May B Entertainment with the purpose of making small, weird games. The first of these is Ooze Odyssey. The project started as a small experiment to see if it was possible to create a polished, fun, and unique set of controls for an amorphous player character. The experiment has evolved over the years into a top-down perspective and become very action-packed.

By day, Brian is a Technical Artist helping out on Pacific Drive, a game by Ironwood Studios. He was a Technical Game Designer at C77 Entertainment, and a Technical Artist at Oculus and 343 Industries before that.

Ooze Odyssey

Playing Ooze Odyssey, you'll slime your way through dank dungeons and dissolve thousands of monsters in this top-down shoot’em up roguelite. Slay enough and gather their essence to pull new cards from the Witch’s Deck. Defeat powerful foes and explore deep places to earn more cards for your deck! Return to your lair and build a new, powerful deck of item cards to pull from on your next run while you scope out which area of the castle you want to attack next.

Ooze Odyssey is currently slated for a Spring 2024 release date on PC via Steam (and Steam Deck) with an expected price of $6.99 USD, and it is available to wishlist on Steam now!


Ooze Odyssey Trailer YouTube


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